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Mocha is an online community providing effective tools for personal development

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Know yourself, better.

What are your personal core values? What are your unique strengths? In what ways are you falling short of being the best version of yourself? At Mocha we make self-knowledge easy.

As a member of our community you can
  • -- Gain a better understanding of who you are, and what you uniquely bring to the world
  • -- Form deeper connections with others, your friends, family, or coworkers, and share and support them in their personal growth
Our Community

Self-mastery is not a solo game.

The fastest way to self-awareness is through the eyes of compassionate peers. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly

  • We are more confident and more creative
  • We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively
  • We are better workers who get more promotions
  • We’re more-effective leaders with more-satisfied employees and more-profitable companies
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The best version of you.

It's well-known that controlling our attention and regulating our emotions are fundamental for personal and professional success.

Equally fundamental are habits of structure, accountability, and emotional state change.

Schedule habits to keep track of their completion. Mocha provides scheduling options including notifications.

  • It's easy to stay focused on your most important daily activities, clearly see the completed and incomplete habits
  • You can add new daily and weekly habits or change the settings of existing ones

Keep track of your progress and analyze all your contributions to your personal development

Build better structure by carefully monitoring your progress and keeping Mocha updated with your daily operations. It's easier than you think and it only takes a couple of minutes

Others can share in your progress and view how dedicated you are to your self growth

Use the power of social accountability to keep you motivated and focused on your daily and long term goals.

  • Commiting to something in front of a crowd gives you little room to walk back on your promise and makes you push on
  • Turn yourself into a more structured person without the pain of other systems
  • Mocha's purpose is to be the first and last step for all your personal development needs

Live in peak performance.

Who are you when you’re at your very best?
Who could you be if you were supported in the right ways?

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